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Spire Sprinkler Wedge



Delivery time: 1-3 days.

This sprinkler wedge, combines simplicity with smart material technology, used for real-estate, and developed especially for the fire fighting and fire safety market. Spire is the perfect solution for closing accidentally open water sprinkler heads.

Spire is made out of Nylon composite polymer, giving great strength and durability to the body of the product.

In addition, a layer of silicon rubber is placed, providing a very tight fit and immediate blockage of the sprinkler water discharge. Patent pending.

The wedge size was developed to provide the user an easy way to grab and use while using protective gloves. The wedge comes with a white aluminium plate where you can read the instructions at all times.

In addition, the colour code RAL 9003 currently used, fits very well to different environments. 


This product must be always used wearing protective gear.

Our client's experience in partnership with our passion for development has been a great success for their first product developed by JR Engineering from cradle to grave. This product is currently being sold in Scandinavian market.

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