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Expertise. Focus. Creativity.

Projects can be challenging, but we are here to lighten the load off your shoulders. We are an honest and positive professional consulting company whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability.

Cases: Projects

Spire - sprinkler wedge

spire - sprinklerikiila

This Sprinkler Wedge is made out of durable plastic and is designed to fit a variety of general sizes of sprinkler heads. When the wedge is in place, it closes completely for a secure seal that will keep water from leaking out. With easy installation and a reliable seal, this is an essential tool for any sprinkler system.


electric ball valve

sähkoinen paloventtiili

A supervisory micro switch adapted into a metal ball-valve that sends a signal when a valve is being operated.

This ball valve with supervisory micro switch, can be connected to the control panel so that the driver can detect with ease if the water intake is open or closed.

This item valve cannot be controlled remotely, but the status can be checked on the display remotely.


sprinkler paint


With this project, we helped our client to find a way to protect their fire sprinklers from getting covered by paint particles or other mist and flying gases. One size fits  

When a sprinkler is covered by paint, there is a big chance that the sprinkler head could activate with delay, or in the worst case, not activate at all. Being a very high risk to take.


This product is currently used in painting booths, sanding booths, and in areas where flying particles can be attached to the sprinkler activation bulb.

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