Your Ideas™

Price: 149€ - alk. (24% ALV exc.)

Duration: 1-2 weeks.

By this starting price you get assigned an engineer who will review your task, 

project or innovative idea.

For Projects or Tasks. 

We will provide you with a quick WorkPlan including project schedule,

tasks needed and the price of the project until completion.

For Idea or Invention.

We will review your idea. Create an NDA agreement to be signed by the inventor and us. 

This document will grant you the security that your invention is under confidential information.

This document is a great step for starting a present or future patent case.

See below for more information!

What We Offer

Cogs Illustration

Project Planning

Experienced Guidance

We emphasise on studying the overview of your idea, creating a Workpack to help you keep track of important tasks and milestones.

Defining with you a precise Scope of Work will allow us to create a well-defined plan, allocating resources needed to reach your target.

This Workpack will allow you to avoid unexpected problems and bottle-necks along your project, increasing your productivity at less cost, as well as recording the life process of your project.

Face Sculpture

3D Design

& Modeling

Innovative Design

A designer or design team is ready to provide you with:

- Product Sketching - Conceptual design starting from scratch.

- 3D Solid Modeling - Full 3D design process.

- 2D technical drawings - For product manufacturing, patents, and instruction manuals.

- Fully detailed Parts drawings - great for manufacturing or tooling.

- Fully detailed Assembly drawings - great for quoting, costing, product promotion.

Engineering Tools

Engineering Analysis

A Comprehensive Approach

Engineering Analyses is based on having a deeper and more personalized study of your product.

We will focus on analyzing important design features of your idea, as well as giving you a study of those features before implementation, leading to increase safety and efficiency for your upcoming product.


We will focus on the following aspects:


- Research the Problem.

- Identifying Solutions.

- Engineering Analysis.

- Construct a Prototype.

- Make a Cost Evaluation.

- Manufacture a Final Product.