Electric Ball Valve - IP67

Sähköinen Paloventtiili -IP67



A supervisory micro-switch adapted together with a ball-valve

that gives a signal when the valve is being operated. 

This product can be connected to the control panel for the controller

to detect with ease whether water intake is open

or closed (always on or always off).  


Note that the supervisory valve cannot be controlled remotely,

but the status can be reviewed on the display.


The ball valve is chrome plated and has female-female connections.

Standard port and steel lever handle.

Suitable for tumbling, gas, and liquid hydrocarbon systems.

UNI EN 12665 CW617N  Stem with double O-ring. 

Nut with anti-corrosion coating with steel lever handle with

PVC anti-corrosion coating.


DN15     (stock. 100+ pcs)

DN20     (stock. 50+ pcs)

DN25     (stock. 100+ pcs)

DN32     (stock. 20+ pcs)

DN40     (stock. 40+ pcs)

DN50     (stock. 50+ pcs)


Size: DN15 - DN50

Connections: F x F (Rc EN10226-"BSP"). Standard port.

Max. working pressure: 35 bar - 3,5MPa at 20C with water and no gas.

Min. working pressure: -20C with 50% glycol solutions.

Max. working pressure: 12 bar at 20C with liquid hydrocarbon.

Max. operating pressure (MOP): 0.5Mpa (5bar) with gas.

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Delivery time 1-3 days after PO - Finland.

Micro-switch Product Specification

IP67 Waterproof micro switch with long lever rust-resistant,

3 pins connected to 30mm length cables and protected by heat shrinks. 

Temperature rating: -40 to +85 C

Degree of protection: IP67

RoHS compliant: Yes


Actuator button: PBT (PL 961 V) 120C / POM (UL 964 HB) 85C

Contacts: AuAgPt.

Terminals: Silver plated.

Nominal load: 5A, 250V EN661058-1.

Operation times: up to 10,000 at nominal load.