Metal Engraving

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Because it's important to be known.

We offer you a wide range and of materials to use. 

- Metals.

- Plastics.

- Wood, MDF, chipboard, glass, foam, leather, etc.

Primarily used for:
- Informative signs.

- Company logos.

- Decoration & Handcrafts.

What We Offer

Laser Cutting


Experienced Guidance

We emphasise on studying the overview of your idea, creating a Workpack to help you keep track of important tasks and milestones.

Defining with you a precise Scope of Work will allow us to create a well-defined plan, allocating resources needed to reach your target.

This Workpack will allow you to avoid unexpected problems and bottle-necks along your project, increasing your productivity at less cost, as well as recording the life process of your project.

Green Avocado Slicer


Innovative Design

A designer or design team is ready to provide you with:

- Product Sketching - Conceptual design starting from scratch.

- 3D Solid Modeling - Full 3D design process.

- 2D technical drawings - For product manufacturing, patents, and instruction manuals.

- Fully detailed Parts drawings - great for manufacturing or tooling.

- Fully detailed Assembly drawings - great for quoting, costing, product promotion.

Graphic Design Workspace

Other Materials

A Comprehensive Approach

Engineering Analyses is based on having a deeper and more personalized study of your product.

We will focus on analyzing important design features of your idea, as well as giving you a study of those features before implementation, leading to increase safety and efficiency for your upcoming product.


We will focus on the following aspects:


- Research the Problem.

- Identifying Solutions.

- Engineering Analysis.

- Construct a Prototype.

- Make a Cost Evaluation.

- Manufacture a Final Product.